Grade 5 Curriculum

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Grade five students are taught more advanced concepts including long division and multiplication of vulgar fractions and decimals in Math, as well as basic algebra. In Language Arts students are taught to develop more complex language skills with advanced grammar concepts.

Language Arts 5

At this grade level students are required to read every day and turn in a reading log to show their time spent reading. They are also required to write book reports in an effort to encourage reading and writing about stories.  Students will receive vocabulary lessons, learn about grammar, practice reading different types of literature, and learn skills to be a good writer. Students will learn how to make inferences, read context clues, and read to learn information. In order to improve their writing skills students will learn how to express opinions, write letters, use literary devices, and use word relationships in poetry.

Topics covered include:

  • Grammar Basics
  • Commas
  • Nouns, Adverbs, Adjectives
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Good Reading Skills
  • Noun Phrases, Prepositions,
  • Reading to Learn, Research
  • Inferences, Context Clues
  • Asking Questions
  • Legends
  • Dialogue, Text Connections
  • Subordinators, Clauses, Predictions, Letter Writing
  • Prepositions, Contractions, Interjections, Important Idea
  • Roots, Affixes, Summarization
  • Researching, Focusing, Outlining, Reporting
  • Poetry and Word Relationships
  • Titles, Themes, Literary Devices
  • Compare and Contrasting Texts
  • Reading and Writing Fiction
  • Reading and Writing Nonfiction
  • Predictions

Mathematics Grade 5

The students will become skilled using addition and subtraction of operations and they will learn addition and subtraction of fractions. They will continue to develop an understanding of the multiplication of fractions and learn to do some simple division of fractions. The students use the meaning of fractions, of multiplication and division to understand why the processes for multiplying and dividing fractions make sense. The students will master multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The students will learn how to add and subtract numbers with decimals. They also develop an understanding of the relationship between fractions and decimals.  The students will also develop an understanding of volume as a property of three-dimensional space. They will learn how to approach and solve problems regarding the estimation and measurement of volume.

Topics covered include:

  • Decimal Place Value
  • Adding Decimals
  • Subtracting Decimals
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  • Multi-digit Multiplication and Division
  • Multiply Fractions
  • Divide Fractions
  • Multiply Decimals
  • Divide Decimals
  • Powers of Ten
  • Volume
  • Coordinate Plane
  • Algebraic Thinking
  • Converting Units of Measurement
  • Line Plots
  • Properties of Shapes
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