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New Providence Classical School


The Vision of New Providence Classical School is to create an environment where students are valued and nurtured while being  challenged academically to think outside the box. 


Our Mission is to empower students with the necessary tools to be agents of change.


Christian World Views


Academic Excellence


Parental Involvement


Structured Study


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Classical Education is Proven and it Works

Classical Education is Proven and it Works! ​

Classical Education returns to the time-honored educational model of the past. 

This was the only educational theory used in Western Civilization for over two thousand (2000) years.  

Beginning in Classical Greece and Rome, and continuing through the Puritan and Colonial eras, children fortunate enough to receive an education received a classical one.  

Classical Education produced Archimedes, St. Paul, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus, Shakespeare, George Washington, and the list goes on. 

Classical Education unlocked potential in such a way that classically educated students became great philosophers, scientists, theologians, writers, artists, and inventors who changed the world!

A Track-Record of Excellence

  • Our 6th Graders pass BJC’s

  • 8th Graders pass BGCSE’s 

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  • D students and unmotivated students have become more engaged. 

  • Students LOVE coming to school 

  • Students consistently come from famous “legacy” schools below grade level and after a year or more get on level, sometimes above grade level.


I was taken into a classroom and was thrilled and amazed to find that these children were learning in a very similar manner to the way my wife and I were taught, over three decades earlier, by drilling in the basic concepts, THEN learning how to apply them. In fact, the students I saw had learned things I hadn't even heard of at the same age.

Teagan Parents -

The sign says, “We Cultivate Your Mind” and my child’s mind has truly been cultivated. Even though in second grade she uses and understands big words. She has an increased desire to learn and a thirst for knowledge.

A Satisfied Parent -

My school is the greatest! My school is helpful. They give us ways to help us learn and remember. The teachers never pull you down. They stay with you until you understand something. They take you sky high. I like my school

4th Grade Student -




•Passport-size photo.
• Student’s Immunization record.
• Copy of National Insurance card.
• Copy of the child’s passport or birth certificate,
Transcript from previous school (if applicable).

• A placement / entrance test (1 1⁄2 hours exam).
• An interview with the child’s parent/s or guardian.
• Any additional information relating to the child’s
academic aptitude and/ or educational history –
such as a diagnosis or assessment of a learning
“disability” or challenge.


New Providence Classical School 14 Palmdale Ave


P.O Box SS-6302
Nassau, Bahamas

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